We are TIBO


TIBO (formerly I. Thibault Inc.) has been providing customers with high-performance plastic injection and compression molds for over 50 years, and in the past decade, has successfully transitioned from being a toolmaker to a value-added strategic partner for “Engineering and Tooling for Plastics” solutions in the automotive market and other vehicles.

By combining our expertise, our attention to detail and our values, we deliver solutions and results like no other.

From ideation to fulfillment through our values



to fulfillment... through our values

Creativity & Passion

Strenghthned by our strong expertise core base, being openmind, challenging the paradigms, standing out with our ingenious ideas and solutions.

Attitude is everything. Our excitement and smile through creativity and ingeniosity is one of the source to deliver you great benefits.

Unity & Partnership

Knowing that we are always stronger as a team, we keep use this synergy to be aligned with customer and corporate long term objectives.

Doing everything using our “strategic compass”; TIBO’s culture & values, and this from start to realization, from ideation to fulfillment.

Agility & Resilience

Performing as an agile organization, all our resources are efficiently adapting as a whole through challenges and opportunities.

Always strong, bouncing back, and aiming to succeed every single time despite business changing environment and requirements.

Dynamism & Pride

Driven, motivated by challenges, we are proud of our achievements.

Continuously looking to improve and never settling for what we are, but to what we could further achieve.


The sooner we team up, the bigger is your gain

Our complete solution offer has been built, structured and is continuously improved and deployed with this strategy in mind. Investing our creativity and expertise as early as possible in your projects. That is where it pays off BIG, that is when we strive the most.
TIBO meeting of a CAD design plastic part
TIBO team and work environment

TIBO's promise

Our engineering team puts its expertise to work for you, ensuring that your products and molds achieve optimal performance levels. We handle all aspects of the process from conception to completion, striving to exceed your highest expectations.

Our customers' success is our greatest pride. Your challenge and business could become our next success story.


Time is everything

To accelerate product launch timelines for each of our customers. Faster, sooner, but never at the expense of performance. From ideation to fulfilled customer satisfaction.

Our expertise to accelerate your results

Accelerate the industry’s time to market through our plastic engineering expertise and digital solutions.

To make a difference now and for ages

To provide a sustainable, long-term, innovative, and technological solution to preserve and optimize the human capital expertise needed in the demanding field of high-performance plastic engineering and tooling.


Achieve more with TIBO

TIBO plastic part design engineer troubleshooting

We provide complete solutions, fueled by our expertise, creativity and attention to detail. This includes plastic molding development and design of injection and compression molds, tool manufacturing managed by the most efficient project management resources and in-house processes and tools.



How it all began

Since 1963, TIBO has blossomed from a local family business to an international powerhouse of plastics engineering and tooling services.

TIBO's Story

TIBO's Story

How it all began

Since 1963, TIBO has blossomed from a local family business to an international powerhouse of plastics engineering and tooling services.
TIBO (formerly I.Thibault Inc.) was founded in Bellechasse, QC, Canada

Mr. Irenée, founder of the company, quickly established TIBO as a leader in the field of plastic injection molds in Canada and the United States. Over the years, 5 of his 13 children, Marc, Denis, Lyse, Guy-Paul and Pierre joined him as shareholders, contributing to the company’s success.

TIBO is beginning to successfully export its automotive plastic expertise and tooling beyond Canada and the United States

TIBO has successfully focused on marketing and sales in Mexico, with the goal of scaling by capitalizing on the growing automotive OEM market.

Tools engineered in Canada and built in China like no other

The company creates TIBO Asia to increase its production capability, capacity, competitiveness and agility. To achieve this goal, the company has established a corporate engineering and project management office in Canada, which will oversee all technical aspects of the new business model. Additionally, the company has formed partnerships with strategic locations and employed local staff in China. With these resources in place, TIBO can now offer a complete range of mold sizes and complexities without any manufacturing limitations. Dave Lefrançois, who has been with TIBO since 2008, utilized his Asia procurement experience to develop this innovative business model.

Success has paved the way for a new strategic commitment

With even steadier growth, TIBO, fueled by its new global engineering and manufacturing unit proposals, signs its first long-term “OEM direct” contract that reflects the confidence and long-term commitment of its key customers. Dave Lefrançois became part of this growth by becoming a shareholder and Vice President of Sales and Operations at TIBO.

The success was even greater two years later when TIBO was born from the former I Thibault. The new name gave birth to innovative branding techniques that allowed the company to reach new heights in the market.

From TIBO mold maker to “TIBO Engineering and Tooling for Plastics”

2019 was a time of strategic pivot. TIBO embarked on its new vision “TIBO – Engineering & Tooling for Plastics”, and promoted Dave Lefrançois to CEO. The company strategically ceased its own manufacturing operations to focus on its value proposition of integrating and optimizing the manufacturing capacity of its network managed and engineered by its corporate technical office in Canada.

Two years later, true to its mission statement and promise to deliver more when involved with its customers sooner, TIBO launched new product design services that already shine with unique tooling expertise.

TIBO “walks the talk” to continue delivering on its mission and vision

TIBO’s engineering offering continues to evolve and adds a new product development division to its team that supports our USP: “The sooner we team up, the bigger is your gain”. This new product design force is quickly differentiating itself from the competition as it offers a much more complete offering that provides product CAD ready for injection plastic tooling. This is just one example of all that is to come in our desire to meet our corporate vision for an ever brighter and more beneficial future to continue to wow our customers.


Meet our committed and skilled people

Our decision-making and creative process is bolstered by our team of inspired professionals. At TIBO, we pride ourselves on living and practicing our values. It is the foundation upon which each of our resources works with their unique skill set, impacting TIBO’s journey and contributing to our customers’ success.

We provide complete solutions, fueled by our expertise, creativity and attention to detail.

How TIBO sets itself apart

Inspired engineering experts at the service of your vision

Our team prides itself on its ability to provide a unique blend of offerings – combining industry-leading engineering design and management with hands-on, detailed execution through our global network. This innovative strategy gives you a competitive advantage and propels your business forward.

TIBO for a sustainable future

TIBO is constantly on the lookout for any initiative that can ensure the sustainability of our resources, whether it be in terms of the environment, plastic expertise or the well-being of our people. Here are some concrete examples of our actions.


Feel the difference, be the difference

two people meeting in the office pod at TIBO headquarters
At TIBO, we are far from being an ordinary team. Our unified, focused, and skilled members are driven by energy, vibrancy, and passion. We prioritize our people and strive to create an effective, and stimulating work environment, developing innovative ideas, and using the latest technologies and trends.